My name is Yanaa<3 aka Ayana<3 ! i go by either one i don't care . I'm mixed; So i'm Black and Mexican ! From San Diego [619] ! i am an Actress an aspiring one anyway. Im at the Mount breaking hearts and brightening people's days. With my best friend in the entire whole wide world.... Childish_Freetos aka Alyssa- Love that chica !! And I love white boys ahahah well other guys too but mostly white boys with pretty eyes ! The one i love the most is Nick Roux LOVE him & obviously Justin Timberlake, he's actually my #1!! i love Jane By Design and Switched at Birth those are my shows ! & i love my familia of course especially my babies Kyarah, Kyland, & my monkey Vanessa who's actual baby ! I fuckin LOVE The Lion King, my favorite movie of ALL TIME! Disney Runs My Life !!!! Well yah thats all i can think of right now so yah , Much Love<3 .

When people dont believe me and it turns out I was right



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When you love the person who loves you back, it’s everything.
ifihadapairofwings: This blog is too sexy for me to handle.


Anything J is sexy. :>

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Wet t-shirt contest lol